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Be Business Proud!

Here Businesses Help Our Site But Our Veteran Employees Can Help Themselves

We have developed an advertising program allowing you to help our site, (thank you) but you will also personally help the Vet Rep that sent you here, because they get PAID! With your help they provide themselves a nice living from home working with leading organizations and businesses like yours.

Buy a tiny ad-it's a BIG help! Your Vet Rep gets half and you become everybody's hero!


1-855-414-JOBS (5627)

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Why Your Company Should Become a JobSoldier

Since 2009, and online since 2016; Job Soldier has been providing professional services to job seekers and employers, while helping America's Veterans and others find a decent living wage. With our longevity, we’ve learned that most American heroes aren't looking for a hand out; and with your help; we now provide them with a legit hand up! We owe every man and woman who has served this great country, and the hero who sent you here gets credit!

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